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I started my career in digital media in 2008 as a writer and editor. I've been working in video since 2016 as an editor, videographer, location sound recordist and post sound mixer/designer.

I mainly work with local non-profits to produce short documentary-style and performance-based videos as well as do remote video editing and sound mixing for various clients. With Matador Network I helped to grow their social media presence through the use of video from half a million to over 2 million followers.

I live in Nelson, BC, a home I chose in 2010 to set down roots, and where I met my wife. It's a wild, mountainous town of 10,000 people with a strong sense of community. I rock climb, canoe, hike, bike, and play tennis and music. I am also on the Board of Directors for our local non-profit, independent movie theatre, The Civic Theatre as well as Intercultural Kootenays, a non-profit organization which supports people experiencing inequitable treatment and which looks to address root causes of racism, hate, and discrimination.

I believe strongly in open communication. I'm progressive and an advocate for social justice. I believe we need to help each other up, not put others down. I like to be lifted by others around me, and I hope to elevate people I work and play with. Get in touch with me and let's chat about your next project!


Photo: Alex Botton

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